PK-8 Librarian – Darlington School – Rome, GA

The ELA-8th Grade Librarian values and fosters the understanding that the library is the defining component of the school’s intellectual identity and ethos. The librarian is committed to providing a student-centered learning environment that promotes creativity and encourages critical thinking, problem solving, and intellectual curiosity. The ELA-8th Grade Librarian maintains a collection that is multidisciplinary and multimedia, including books, eBooks, audiobooks, DVDs, reference items and periodicals for both students and faculty. The philosophy of Darlington’s Joanne G. Yancey ELA-8th Grade Library is that lifelong learning is promoted through the love of reading and of technology.
The librarian serving grades ELA-8th holds an MLS or an equivalent master’s degree in library science from an accredited college or university. The librarian is responsible for supporting information literacy instruction, including reading, writing, and technology skills. The librarian works closely with the Director of Library Services to support the mission of Darlington School and with the Director of the ELA-8 Division to provide a program that nurtures every student’s success.

Duties and Responsibilities
As a TEACHER, the ELA – 8th Grade Librarian instructs students on a formal and informal basis in skills related to navigating the library, reading with purpose, the research process, ethical responsibilities of scholarship, and presenting and applying information.
1. Integrates information skills throughout the school’s instructional program.
2. Plans, teaches, evaluates, and reinforces instruction designed to make students and staff effective creators and users of information.
3. Assists teachers in promoting reading and provides reading experiences for students.
4. Promotes lifelong learning by fostering positive attitudes toward libraries and by working to develop students’ reading, viewing, listening, and critical thinking skills.
5. Monitors rights and responsibilities of users relating to the generation and flow of information and ideas, i.e. Copyright Law, confidentiality/privacy, and intellectual freedom.
6. Participates in grade level curriculum design and assessment.

As an INFORMATION SPECIALIST, the the ELA – 8th Grade Librarian provides access to information and ideas by assisting students and faculty in identifying information resources and in interpreting and communicating intellectual content.
1. Makes resources available to students and teachers through a systematically developed and organized collection of library materials.
2. Keeps abreast of current literature by reading review journals and other selection sources.
3. Maintains flexible circulation, loan, and use policies that ensure equity of access for all users.
4. Assures access to information resources by providing an accurate and efficient retrieval system.
5. Implements policies that respect the rights of patrons and unrestricted access to information.
6. Assists all users in identifying, locating, and interpreting information.
7. Arranges for flexible scheduling of facilities, collections to meet the needs of individuals, small groups, and whole classes for research, browsing, recreational reading, viewing or listening.
8. Promotes and assists with the effective use of instructional technology.

As an INSTRUCTIONAL PARTNER, the the ELA – 8th Grade Librarian joins with teachers and others to identify links across student information needs, curricular content, learning outcomes, and a wide variety of print, non-print, and electronic information resources.
1. Builds relationship through participation in team meetings and special committees.
2. Takes a leading role in developing policies, practices, and information literacy curriculum that guides students to develop a full range of information and communication abilities.
3. Plans units and lessons collaboratively with teachers.
4. Helps students safely and intellectually navigate the Internet and other technology.

As a PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR, the ELA – 8th Grade Librarian provides leadership in the planning, management, and evaluation of school library programs.
1. Directs, organizes, and supervises the services essential to a library program centered on students’ needs and the instructional goals of the school.
2. Initiates and maintains formal contacts with the ELA-8 division’s administrators and teachers to evaluate library programs, facilities, materials, and equipment.
3. Prepares financial plans for the ELA-8th Grade Library, including an annual budget.
4. Establishes and maintains an environment in the library in which students and faculty can work at productive levels.
5. Communicates the philosophy and mission of the library program to students, faculty, administration, and parents.
6. Establishes relationships with colleagues, students, and parents that reflect recognition and respect for every individual.
7. Participates in the recruiting, hiring, and training of other professional, paraprofessional, clerical, student, and volunteer staff in the library.
8. Continually updates professional expertise necessary to function effectively in the librarian role.
9. Networks with other professionals through local, state, and national organizations.

In addition to the above-mentioned duties and responsibilities, the ELA – 8th Grade Librarian carries out and/or manages all basic day-to-day responsibilities in the library and duties within the division.
1. Facilitates circulation of materials by checking materials in and out, renewing materials, managing holds, and troubleshooting the library self-checkout station.
2. Communicates with members of the school community regarding overdue materials.
3. Performs copy cataloging or original cataloging and processes new materials.
4. Orders books, processing materials, display materials, office supplies, and any other resources necessary for the function of the library and its programs.
5. Shelves books, tidies the library, and performs general library cleaning and maintenance.
6. Creates displays to promote library materials, programming, and philosophies.
7. Plans, prepares, markets, and facilitates library programs and special events, including (but not limited to) book clubs, summer reading incentive programs, and author visits.
8. Performs weekly division duties, which may include helping with arrival or dismissal, supervising breaks or lunch, or facilitating after-school study halls.
9. Acts as a student adviser.

Please contact our human resources manager, Carrie Eady at or (706) 236-0448.