Systems Administrator – Livingston Parish Library – Livingston, LA

Systems Administrator

Livingston Parish Library

Livingston Parish Library is seeking applicants for a dynamic and enthusiastic Systems Administrator to join our team. Livingston Parish Library is a parish wide public library system consisting of five branches, library administration, and an outreach vehicle.

This position is available immediately and will remain open until filled. Salary range starts at $45,300 a year. Actual salary will be commensurate with experience.

Supervise, maintain, plan, recommend, analyze and coordinate the automation, communication and on-line systems and any technology-related areas for the library. 

Receive general supervision from Assistant Library Director and Library Director through oral and written instruction.


·       Supervise the daily operation of the Library’s automated systems and work stations.

·       Responsible for administration of servers, workstations and applications.

·       Responsible for design, implementation, integration, maintenance operations of the Library’s automation and communications systems, and other related evolving systems

·       Apply systemic view and approach to understand and resolve effectively and efficiently complex technical problems.

·       Recommend policy and procedures for use of computers and computer systems

·       Act as liaison with automated systems vendors, hardware and software vendors and telecommunications vendors.

·       Keep current in all new technological procedures, processes and equipment

·       Evaluate the present and future automations needs of the Library, making recommendations to the Library Administration

·       Plan, budget, coordinate and implement projects, maintenance and updates, adapting to changing needs

·       Communicate with staff at all library locations to learn of computer-related problems, repairs, training issues

·       Teach computer classes to patrons and staff.

·       Attend professional meetings and training sessions.

·       Develop an above-average working knowledge of the ILS software (all of The Library Corporation (TLC) apps and modules).

·       Manage routers, networked public and administrative workstations

·       Maintain all network equipment (firewalls, routers, managed switches, access points).

·       Maintain staff time clock software and hardware, including creating ID badges for employees.

·       Maintain record of software licensing and expiration of said licenses.

·       Maintain record of hardware warranties and expiration of said warranties.


·       Self-starter and self-motivated.

·       Ability to work with minimum of supervision and initiative to complete work responsibilities

·       Ability to meet and relate to the public and staff members in a positive and constructive manner

·       Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (good customer-service skills).

·       Excellent organizational skills.

·       Clearly, succinctly, and effectively communicate ideas and thoughts both verbally and in writing.

·       Ability to assess and analyze situations/problems and find logical solutions.

·       Able to learn inner workings (daily operation/functions) of the entire library system: circulation and circulation system, library classification (Dewey Decimal and alphabetical), cataloging, reports, databases, website, etc.


·       Responsible for setup, configuration, and administration of workstations (Windows 7-10)

·       Responsible for setup, configuration, and administration of servers (Server 2008-2012)

·       Experience with MS Office applications (MS Office 2007-2013)

·       Web Server technology (IIS, Certificates, Apache/Tomcat, MySQL, PHP)

·       Experience administering Linux OS (Debian based and CentOS)

·       Experience with SNMP v1-3 Monitoring systems (Nagios, PTRG)

·       Must have extensive knowledge of Server applications (DNS, AD, DHCP, Group Policy, KMS and VAMT license implementation)

·       Must be able to quickly troubleshoot and resolve complex issues by means of local or remote support. (Helpdesk ticketing software, VNC, RDP, Dameware Tools)

·       Must have extensive knowledge of computer hardware (break/fix troubleshooting)

·       Must have extensive knowledge of  networking hardware infrastructure (Server racks, Patch Panels, KVMs, Wire management, Wiring jacks and completing runs for BNC, RJ-11, RJ-45)

·       Must have knowledge of configuring Routing and Switching (L2/L3 Cisco, VLANs, Port Mgmt.)

·       Must have knowledge of advanced firewall / gateway devices, and proactive to shield from incoming threats (SonicWALL, NAT, Content Filtering, DPI, SonicPoints, VAPs, Bandwidth management, Routing, Advanced Firewall Mgmt.)

·       Must have experience with Data Storage and Recovery technologies (NAS, SAN, RAID, Clustering, Drobo, Synology)

·       Must have knowledge External networking and DNS (A, SRV, TXT, Etc.)

·       Must have experience with OS Deployment via imaging software (Acronis, PXE, BOOTP)

·       Must have experience with UPS Battery backups and monitoring / management software

·       Experience administering Exchange / Office 365 / Skype Business / SharePoint / Forefront

·       Experience with print systems and servers (Windows Server and Pharos Print Mgmt., and advanced MFP Configuration)

·       Extensive knowledge of Virtual Host environments (VirtualBox, VMWare, Hyper-V).

·       Knowledge of Security / Surveillance systems

·       Knowledge of traffic counting / monitoring software (Tracsys)

·       Knowledge of MDM Software (Cisco Meraki Systems Manager)


1.     Master’s Degree in Library Science from an A.L.A. accredited program. A valid IT certification in at least one of the following areas: MSCA, CCNA, Network+, Security+, etc. is preferred.


2.     Possession of an accredited Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Technology, Information Security, or closely related, with accredited coursework.

a.     PLUS, a valid IT certification in at least one of the following areas: MSCA, CCNA, Network+, Security+, etc.

b.     PLUS, a minimum of one year of verifiable, paid work experience performing systems administration


3.     Possession of an accredited Associate’s degree in a field of study listed in ‘2’ above, with accredited coursework, PLUS a valid IT certification in at least one of the areas listed in ‘2’ above; PLUS, a minimum of three (3) years of verifiable, paid work experience, as described in ‘2’ above.

Physical requirements include the ability to move around the facility, bend, stoop, carry at least 30 pounds, push loaded book trucks, place wiring or network equipment inside and outside buildings.

 SALARY commensurate with experience


Submit a cover letter, resume, official university/college transcript, proof if IT certification, and three references to Livingston Parish Library via

Livingston Parish Library is an equal opportunity employer.