Library Fellowship – Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art – Nashville, TN

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Cheekwood’s mission is to preserve Cheekwood as an historical landmark where beauty and excellence in art and horticulture stimulate the mind and nurture the spirit. Our vision is to be a nationally recognized destination, renowned for our distinctive beauty, historical significance, and excellence in art and horticulture.

In 2012, Cheekwood launched its first Historic Initiative, to reclaim its history as an American Country Place Era estate. As part of the Historic Initiatives, a Furnishing Plan was created for the purpose of researching and reviving interior elements of the Cheekwood residence as they were originally intended by the Cheek family and the Cheekwood architect, Bryant Fleming, in 1932.

As a part of the Cheekwood Historic Initiatives Furnishing Plan, the former Cheekwood Library will be recreated using volumes of books similar to those known to have been owned by the Cheeks. This information has been accumulated through the research of various historical documents, including a 1932 household inventory. The Cheeks possessed over 1,500 volumes, with nearly half of these volume titles unknown.

In 2015, the Lazenby family agreed to donate a significant portion of their book collection, many of which have identical titles known to have been owned by the Cheek family. In addition to their generous donation of library materials, the Lazenby family has also provided funding for further support of the Cheekwood Library development, as a part of the Historic Initiatives Furnishing Plan. The Cheekwood Lazenby Library Fellowship will provide support to the Cheekwood Curator of Decorative Arts & Historic Interpretation, who is leading the Historic Initiatives Furnishing Plan, and the Registrar. The fellowship candidate will complete a variety of duties, among which are carrying-out research, documenting a full catalogue listing of the Lazenby collection, and assisting in the identification and planning of conservation for library materials in need.

Fellowship Eligibility:
MLS (Master of Library Science) or equivalent, with experience and interest in library sciences, archival procedures, or historic documents.

Fellowship Tenure:
The fellowship candidate has two options: one academic semester (full-time) or two academic semesters (part-time). This will be a decision made between the fellowship candidate and appropriate Cheekwood staff.

Fellowship Responsibilities:
The fellowship candidate will create a comprehensive inventory of the Lazenby Collection, cataloging and documenting all of the objects in full bibliographic format, writing descriptions of contents, recording their size, materials, and condition, and identifying items in need of conservation. Additionally, the fellow will research the Cheek family’s 1932 inventory and provide a report on similarities and differences in the two collections (Cheek and Lazenby).

The fellowship candidate will research and source materials and supplies for preventative care, assist in arranging conservation treatment of the identified items in need, and participate in the design of library exhibition elements.

Fellowship Award:
The fellowship candidate will be awarded $8,000.00, to complete the project within either one academic semester (full-time) or two academic semesters (part-time). One quarter of the award will be made available when the candidate is selected, one quarter will be distributed at the mid-point of the fellowship timeline, and the remaining one half will be awarded when the fellowship is completed. In addition, the candidate will receive complimentary on-site parking and discounts in the Cheekwood restaurant and gift shop.

To be considered for the Lazenby Library Fellowship, submit the following information:
1) Cover Letter, outlining qualifications and intent
2) Curriculum Vitae, complete with academic and work experiences
Application Deadline: November 1, 2015
Please send all materials via e-mail only to

1200 Forrest Park Drive
Nashville, TN 37205
(615) 353-6981 (DIRECT)
(615) 356-8000 (MAIN)
(615) 353-0919 (FAX)

as an historical landmark where beauty and excellence
in art and horticulture stimulate the mind and nurture the spirit.