Student Internship-Organizing and Cataloging

The 50th Anniversary Committee of the Crofton (MD) Civic Association is looking for someone to organize, catalog, and digitize their Association’s meeting notes, newspaper articles and newsletters covering the past half-century.
What they have —
a)  Civic Association Board meeting notes  
b)  Original Crofton Courier newsletters, 1965-71. 
c)  Community “welcome packages” provided to first owners by the community’s builder
d)  News articles about the community spanning 50 years
f)   Information/articles about or 50th anniversary celebration last year
g)  Photos
They would guess it is in the range of 100- to 150-hours of a someone’s time. There are funds to offer an honorarium for someone who completes the project. Please contact Marty Szostek if you are interested.
Marty Szostek