Assessment Librarian – Georgetown University Library – Washington, D.C.

The Assessment Librarian is responsible for the development and implementation of the Georgetown University Library’s assessment program. The program evaluates the quality and impact of library services and resources, demonstrates the library’s alignment with University goals, tracks progress toward achieving library goals, and participates in benchmarking initiatives among academic libraries. The Assessment Librarian works closely with a standing steering committee to set priorities and direction for library assessment, as well as with library colleagues who coordinate data-gathering at the local level. S/he effectively manages library data to ensure its integrity and maintain its accessibility.  The Assessment Librarian serves as the primary point of contact for questions about library data within the campus as well as on a regional and national level.

This non-supervisory position is responsible for working with librarians and staff across the university library to assist them in accomplishing their work as well as to advance the library’s assessment agenda. The incumbent works with other campus assessment professionals, senior administrators, and with library assessment officers nationally.

Qualifications: Master’s degree in Library Science (preferred) or in social sciences required. Three or more years of library experience with a background in academic library assessment.

Experience with quantitative and qualitative assessment methodologies; familiarity with statistical software applications, coding methods, analytic tools as well as current and evolving information technologies; knowledge of higher education IRB requirements.

Proven record of conducting library assessment projects and applying research methods. Evidence of successful project planning and management in a team environment. Excellent analytical, written, presentation, visualization, and oral communication skills are critical, particularly the ability to communicate effectively to varied audiences.  Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with colleagues at all levels of the library and university. Able to prioritize work in alignment with library and university goals.